Reiki – a universal life force

Reiki is described as a universal life force energy. It originated in Japan and is taught by a lineage of teachers to students through attunement. Reiki is a great way to promote relaxation, get clear on intentions, reduce tension and promote a positive mental state. Just for today, I will not anger. Just for today,Continue reading “Reiki – a universal life force”

the 5th limb of yoga, pratyahara

The fifth limb of yoga is pratyahara, or tuning out sensory input and tuning into ourselves. Limbs five, six, seven and eight are yoga practices on inner development. Our senses are being bombarded all. day. long. It’s exhausting to see the non-stop emails/texts/calls coming in, to have people requesting your attention, and the endless toContinue reading “the 5th limb of yoga, pratyahara”

Asana is the gateway limb to yoga

Most of us think of yoga as ‘yoga asana’ – the physical aspect of yoga. So far in this blog we’ve covered the first two limbs of yoga, the yamas and niyamas. The third limb of yoga is asana. Yoga asana is the physical postures, movements and sequences that help purify and unionize the body/mind/spirit.Continue reading “Asana is the gateway limb to yoga”

Niyamas: Observances of Yoga | Chapter 5: Isvara-Pranidhana

Isvara-pranidhana is the practice of humility. Faith. Surrender. Dedication. Before I was a yogi, I was an engineer. I was trained to ‘use your brain’, question everything and always find an answer. On top of that, I had little faith in anything – not God, not people around me, not really even myself or theContinue reading “Niyamas: Observances of Yoga | Chapter 5: Isvara-Pranidhana”