balloon body meditation

Have you ever felt completely removed from your physical body? As if you are watching yourself from above like you would in a dream? I have – and it’s horrible. I can remember the bright summer day in 2019 after I interviewed for an engineering position with The City of Reno. When I got home, I burst into tears and fell to the floor.

It was beautiful Friday afternoon and I had a social/work event to be at in an hour – so I put on a fake smile and headed out the door. The entire rest of the evening, even though I was surrounded by friends, I was completely out of my body. It felt like I, my spirit, was hovering above me, watching my body go through the motions. I was exhausted by the time I got home.

So how do you get yourself out of this situation? How do you re-attach yourself to your body? Once I finally got some space, I did a balloon body meditation. It brought me back to my body to where I felt like I could finally breathe again. *sighs heavily* It brought back my mind, my awareness, and my power. The balloon body meditation below can be used whether you are having a panic attack or enjoying sitting on a beach at Tahoe, or anywhere in between. There will always be some introspective information to gather from doing a balloon body meditation. Even if you don’t think you need it, I invite you to try.

Find a comfortable seated position.

Notice your breath.

Ground your energy to the earth.

Bring awareness to your third eye space.

Imagine the space you hold is now a balloon/aura.

Expand your energy outward so that it is a couple inches around your body.

Pause. Notice sensations/emotions/feelings.

Now expand that outward to a few feet around your body.

Now fill the whole room by pushing outward.

Once it feels right, allow those boundaries to come back to where it is comfortable for you.

Comment below: Did you feel your physical body release stress during the balloon body meditation? How far away from you was your balloon body when you brought it back in? Notice that this boundary can change from day to day, moment to moment.

balloon body meditation

Take a free yoga class! Yoga is a great tool for connecting with your body and your energy.

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May I know Freedom. May You know Freedom. May all Beings know Freedom.

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