the 8th and final limb of yoga, samadhi

The eighth limb of yoga is samadhi, or nirvana, pure bliss. This is the final limb of yoga, the ultimate goal.

Samadhi can be hard to understand, especially if you are unfamiliar with meditation or yoga. It takes a lot of practice to reach samadhi, but the effort is very worth it even if only breached for a moment. Samadhi is being one with the inner light of awareness that exists inside us, that connects us, that makes us all part of one universal system. It is seeing others as part of yourself, without comparison, judgment, or bias. Your own ego goes on vacation during samadhi.

Samadhi Exercise: Meditate on your heart space. Just try. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and bring all your focus and awareness to your heart space, chest area. Inhale and feel the chest expand, exhale and feel the body release as a lightness comes over you. Meditate on your heart until you feel a sense of oneness, completeness, wholeness.

Here’s a look at all 8 limbs of yoga in order. Keep in mind that they build off of each other, yet also work best when practiced together (and every day!).

  1. yamas, the ethical practices of yoga
  2. niyamas, the observances of yoga
  3. asana, the physical practice of yoga
  4. pranayama, the regulation of breath
  5. pratyahara, or tuning out sensory input
  6. dharana, or one-pointed concentration
  7. dhyana, or meditation, continuous focus
  8. samadhi, or nirvana

the 8th and final limb of yoga, samadhi

Comment below and share your experience giving your complete, undivided attention to something so much so that you’ve felt lost in it. How would you describe the feeling of nirvana/samadhi/pure bliss in words?

Take a free yoga class! They are a great place to start your practice with the 8 limbs of yoga.

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