the 6th limb of yoga, dharana

The sixth limb of yoga is dharana, or one-pointed concentration.

Dharana is also referred to as choosing a focus, or choosing to focus. Think about a time when you were so engaged with your work or a conversation that you lost track of time. You were in flow state. You were completely focused. Your best, most productive self arrises when life flows uninterrupted through you with openness, ease and focus. That feeling is dharana, and it is very powerful when mastered.

Just admit it, multi-tasking doesn’t work. Instead, try putting 100% of your focus into one thing at a time, even if it’s something simple. Stay present. Stay focused. Stay engaged. The more effort and patience you put into your focus, the more deeply you will be able to feel its essence.

Comment below and share your experience with dharana. Do you notice yourself being distracted in yoga poses, fidgeting around during work meetings, not being able to calm down from a reaction, or losing balance easily? Those are all indicators that you could benefit from practicing dharana, or one-pointed concentration.

Dharana Mantra: My focus is unwavering, non-doubting, and passion-filled.

Dharana Exercise: Focus on just your breathing for a few minutes each day. Focus/meditate on the part of you that never changes.

Take a free yoga class and practice dharana. The longer, balancing poses will really test your ability to stay focused!

the 6th limb of yoga, dharana

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