Asana is the gateway limb to yoga

Most of us think of yoga as ‘yoga asana’ – the physical aspect of yoga. So far in this blog we’ve covered the first two limbs of yoga, the yamas and niyamas. The third limb of yoga is asana. Yoga asana is the physical postures, movements and sequences that help purify and unionize the body/mind/spirit.

It has been questioned, do we really even practice yoga in the western world and in the US? I would say, yes, we are all yogis! If you like to stretch and move your body you might certainly like a yoga asana practice. Through yoga asana you will notice the purification of the body from its toxins, blockages, and tension and clarification of the heart-mind.

Yoga asana is intended to prep the body for the last pose of class – savasana. Savasana is great for meditation and listening to the inner stillness. For a lot of beginner yogis the poses where we sit in stillness are the hardest. When the mind wanders off the body tends to fidget, move and feel discomfort. Practicing yoga helps you to be calm and steady, strong and light, present and engaged.

Comment below and share your favorite yoga poses! These are mine: childs pose (balasana), humble warrior (baddha virabhadrasana), bird of paradise (svarga dvijasana), high lunge (ashta chandrasana), and staff pose (dandasana).

Asana Mantra: My body is a sacred temple.

Asana Exercise: Take one of my free classes! (This is the very first class I ever taught online ⬇️)

Asana is the gateway limb to yoga

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