Niyamas: Observances of Yoga | Chapter 2: Santosha

Santosha means contentment. Before you read this blog, take a moment and list 10 things (yes, 10) that you are grateful for.

Santosha means contentment for who we are and where we are at in life. Santosha does not mean laziness or complacency, in fact, those are near enemies of a santosha lifestyle. Everything is moving or changing every single moment, which means a constant acceptance of our present situation is necessary. Situations are temporary. Your inner light of awareness is the only thing that does not change. When we fixate or try to control a situation or outcome, aka resist the flow of life, we will not feel contentment or gratitude.

Practicing santosha leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. Not longing for more and accepting what you have opens the space for deep, inner happiness. We can practice santosha every day (every moment) by being grateful for the abundance that we have right now, and having faith that future abundance is there so long as we are true to ourselves. It may be difficult, but the more you can inquire about why you are dissatisfied with something, the more you can learn about yourself and co-create your best life.

Comment below and share your experiences with Santosha. Is content a word you would use to describe yourself? How about gracious?

Santosha Exercise: Gratitude Check! Go back to the list of 10 things you are grateful for. Add 10 new things to this list every single day!

My list today: my house, my next meal, the yoga class I took today, the yoga class I taught today, The Studio, my job at Healthy Horizons, my boyfriend, my family, large sticky pads, and the newfound craft of blog writing

Santosha Mantra: I will set reasonable expectations for myself (and others, if communicated) and fully expect whatever happens.

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Niyamas: Observances of Yoga | Chapter 2: Santosha

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