Yamas: Ethical Practices of Yoga | Chapter 4: Brahmacarya

Brahmacarya means proper use of energy. Before you read this blog, take a moment and think: On the pendulum of “being so busy you can’t think straight” to living like a monk in isolation, where do you fall?

Hopefully you land somewhere right in the middle, not too far to either one side. Brahmacarya, the 4th of 5 yamas or ethical yoga practices, is the practice of moderation and staying-somewhere-in-the-middle. It’s not about stepping back from being brave and courageous on our life advents, it’s about knowing when to work, and when to rest. Practicing brahmacarya helps us keep our lives in harmony and balance. After all, your own energy is your most vital resource.

Do you fall down the rabbit hole of satisfying external desires that only excite for a short time, or are you filling your cup with meaningful experiences that support your growth and future self? We all tend to get distracted by our impulses – it’s part of the human mind. But the more awareness we have of our patterns, impulse reactions, and unconscious biases, the better. Brahmacarya is the practice of consciously channeling that energy into something more useful, meaningful, fulfilling.

Only one yama left! In my upcoming blog you’ll learn about the fifth of five yamas, aparigraha (non-grasping). Follow along as we explore these insightful topics. You can go back and read about the first yama, ahimsa, second yama, satya, and third yama, asteya, at any time.

Comment below and share your experiences with brahmacarya and practicing moderation.

Brahmacarya Exercise: Reflect on an aspect of your life that seems out of balance. Can you identify what it was that took you away from your highest-self? Can you identify some small steps that will help you move back into alignment?

Brahmacarya Mantra: I use my energy in responsible and appropriate ways. I am intentional with where I spend my time and energy.

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